Group awareness and wellbeing workshops

Life can be difficult for children and young people; Research shows that at least 1 in 10 children will have a diagnosable mental health condition by the age of 16 (Children's society, 2008) and current CAMHS statistics shown a rising increase in referrals for specialist mental health support.

These supportive and informative group sessions aim to empower parents, caregivers and professionals through providing them with information about Mental Health and Wellbeing and discussing strategies which can help young people to thrive in their environment.

It is hoped that by attending the workshops, parents, carers and professionals will have increased knowledge, confidence and a toolkit of skills to use at home.

Workshops last 1.5 hours and cost £16pp (unless stated otherwise).

I am a fully qualified, insured and experienced mental health practitioner working with children and families and have qualifications in delivering training and information, advice and guidance.

Please note - these workshops have previously also be tailored for community groups such as scouts/guides, sports clubs and youth clubs as well as for charities and the voluntary sector. Bespoke packages available.

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1. Raising resilient children and young people 

• Exploring mental health and emotional wellbeing 

• Basics of emotional coaching 

• Validating and containing children’s emotions

 • Fostering independence and helping children to thrive in their environment

2. Caring for the care-giver 

• Importance of self-care as a parent 

• Relaxation / mindfulness practice and skills

3. Anxiety in Children—Awareness Session 

• Signs and symptoms of anxiety

 • When is it ‘normal anxiety’ and when is it more?

 • How to speak about worries and anxiety with your child 

• Tips and strategies for managing anxiety in the home

4. Low mood in Children—Awareness Session 

• Signs and symptoms of low mood 

• When is it ‘typical sadness’ and when is it more? 

• How to have discussions about low mood with your child 

• Tips and strategies for helping to improve mood