Individual Therapy

Having experienced therapy myself, I understand that it can sometimes seem daunting; I work hard to foster a comfortable and supportive environment for my clients and pride myself on honesty, warmth and professionalism.
Therapy shouldn't be scary and shouldn't be directed by the therapist - you should feel in control and empowered throughout the sessions.
I spend time getting to know my clients and what works/doesn't work for them so that we can build a relationship and I can tailor my approach to suit you. I see my role as someone who can listen non-judgementally, support you to consider alternative options and challenge you cognitive style with encoragement, support and unconditional positive regard.

Where are you based?
I work from various clinics in Cheshire -
In Northwich, Cheshire I work from two clinics -
*Winnington Hall, Winnington Lane, Northwich. **Please note that this clinic room is up several flights of stairs.
*Jane Mullen Speech Therapy Ltd, The Old Printworks on Spencer Street
Both of which are easily accessible from Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and surrounding areas.

*In Wilmslow, Cheshire, I work from 'Brighter Spaces' which is located on Hawthorn Lane.
Please note: the Therapy Room in Wilmslow is upstairs so please let me know if you have mobility issues and I can accomodate by using a different room.
What happens during the initial appointment?
Our initial assessment is a chance for you to share with me what has brought you to therapy and for me to hear about your hopes and goals for therapy. It is also a chance for you to meet me and decide if you think I am the right therapist for you and for you to ask any questions about the therapeutic process.
I will explain about confidentiality and my therapeutic style and together we can discuss a therapy plan that feels comfortable and right for you. I will ensure that I have heard everything you want to share with me so that we can ensure that we are working together on the right areas of your life.
There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to book a further appointment following the assessment and I will encourage you to take some time to think about whether you would like to continue with therapy as it is important that you feel comfortable speaking to me and that you are ready to enter into therapy.
What happens in subsequent appointments?
I believe that therapy is a collaboration between you and I – with us both working as a team to help you reach your goals.
As I am an eclectic therapist trained in hypnotherapy, CBT, DBT, multi-systemic therapy, motivational interviewing, hypnotic coaching and neuro-linguistic programming, I will work to create a bespoke treatment plan to meet your individual needs.
We will identify goals for the therapy and will tailor each session depending on what you wish to discuss that day.
What do people come to therapy for?
Below are a few of the presenting difficulties I regularly work with, however this is not an exhaustive list so please get in touch if you feel there is something I could help with.
If there is something you would like further information on or would like to discuss any of the techniques mentioned above, please feel free to get in contact with me.

Prices for Individual therapy

Initial consultation (60 mins) £70                
Subsequent therapy sessions (50 mins) £70                
One off 'massage for the mind' relaxation session (45 mins) £45                
Confidence building
Confidence building

Helping you to feel confident in any situation - whether it be public speaking, job interviews, weddings or functions, social confidence, dating etc.  

Ego strengthening and self-esteem 
Ego strengthening and self-esteem 
Many clients come to help them to feel better about themselves. 
We work on self-esteem using hypnotherapy alongside some CBT based social experiments.
Many people seek therapy to help them with phobias (in fact, this is how I became interested in hypnotherapy!).
This can be things like needle phobia, spider phobia etc.
Sleep difficulties
Sleep difficulties
I see many clients who struggle with insomnia and sleep difficulties. Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in helping clients to relax and sleep well.

I work with all types of anxiety including generalised anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, OCD and panic disorder. 

Using both talking therapies and hypnotherapy, I work with clients who feel low in mood to help them improve their mood through exploring their cognitions and behaviours and making positive changes. 

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